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The Loft offers far more than award-winning writing classes. Learn more about our latest offerings below.

Summer 2020 at the Loft
Virtual Summer

All programming at the Loft has shifted online until August 31, 2020. But we're still open, and students love our new virtual classes. Learn more at the link below!

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Summer Youth is Back!

Summer youth at the Loft is back. This summer it is all virtual, but we still have most of the great same offerings for ages 6-17. Join us!

Wordsmith 2020

Virtual Wordsmith 2020 is coming Oct 1-4, 2020. The lineup of visiting authors, agents, and editors is now available and registration opens Aug 11 for Loft members. 


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Spring and summer classes, for youth and adults now available.

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Learn More About Loft Events

The Loft hosts numerous events throughout the year. Take a look at our upcoming offerings and plan your next visit.

What if a Fish Virtual Book Launch Party
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From the acclaimed author of Wintering, Peter Geye will share his new novel Northernmost: a thrilling ode to the spirit of adventure and the vagaries of loss and love.

How'd You Do That? Tips and Tricks Learned Through the Loft's Wordplay for Great Virtual Conversations
Since the Loft pivoted to move Wordplay, our 100-author book festival online, we've received numerous inquiries about how we pulled it off. As a staff, we don't have the capacity to answer all the questions we're receiving individually, so we thought we'd pull together a webinar session to go over our process.

We'll talk through our programming and format choices, how we connected with speakers and got them on board, and go behind-the-scenes to show you the technology platforms (Crowdcast, Zoom, & OBS), choices, setup, and approaches that helped us deliver our virtual programming. We'll leave time at the end of Q&A.
The Loft's Blog
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Family Book Club: Song for a Whale
This week's Family Book Club pick is Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly. This adventurous, informational middle grade book follows Iris, a deaf girl trying to figure out a place in the world where she belongs, and her connection to Blue 55, a whale who also has trouble communicating.
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Jul. 30
Writing Prompts
Weekly Prompt: Sticks
Every post in this series will include a weekly reading and a list of prompts in response to that reading. Some of them will be focused on craft; some will ask you to evaluate content. This week we're focusing on the flash fiction piece "Sticks" by George Saunders and importance of unique detail.
Savannah Brooks
Jul. 28
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Family Book Club: A Map Into the World
This week's Family Book Club pick is A Map Into the World by Kao Kalia Yang. This smart, sweet picture book follows Paj Ntaub as she navigates a host of changes: moving, siblings being born, and the death of one of her neighbors.
Savannah Brooks
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